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Dungeon Bash is an AR fantasy RPG in a vein similar to “Pokémon Go” where players wander around in the real world and locate dungeons for exploration.

How To Play

  1. Start by making a Player profile with the “LOGIN” button
  2. With that profile, make one or more Characters with the “CHARACTERS” button
  3. One or more of those characters can make up a Party with the “PARTIES” button
  4. (Mobile Device Only) Turn on your Location setting on your device
  5. (Mobile Device Only) Search the hidden game world using the “MAP” button to discover landmarks like dungeons and villages and return to them later via the “TRAVEL” button
  6. -or- You can always enter a random dungeon or random village with your party
  7. Explore the dungeons, avoid traps and fight monsters using the provided interface
  8. Collect experience and loot for your party’s characters to take with them
  9. Return to the “CHARACTERS” menu to view them and level up with enough experience, or to equip their items they have bought from villages or found in dungeons
  10. Have fun !


Dungeon Bash README.docx 7 kB
Source Code-20180625T230230Z-001.zip 211 kB
Windows-20180625T230251Z-001.zip 31 MB
Android-20180625T230247Z-001.zip 37 MB
Game Design Documentation 11 MB

Install instructions

PC version

How To Install:

  1. Download the archive file “Dungeon Bash Windows.zip”
  2. Extract the contents of the archive to a known location (like the Desktop):
    1. “Dungeon Bash.exe”
    2. the folder “Dungeon Bash_data”
  3. Double-click “Dungeon Bash.exe” to play

Mobile version

How To Install:

  1. Download the archive file “Dungeon Bash Android.zip” to an android device
  2. Extract the contents “Dungeon Bash.apk”
  3. Click the app “Dungeon Bash” to install and play

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