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Let me take you back to the time when gladiators fought in huge Roman Arenas. That’s the old way of how slaves gained their freedom in ancient times: FIGHT FOR IT! Now, the year is 3013,  or as people love to say, The Tech World. Everything has been changed with robots, they do dangerous tasks like mining deep in volcanoes for molten ore, they become broken and hurt for human entertainment. Not all robots want to stay in these daily slave-like tasks, some of them have their own thoughts, their own souls, they were almost like… human beings but in a different shell. They want freedom, so they fight! In the biggest modern arena: SHOCK-OVERLOAD.

In order to survive, you will need to use a combination of different tools to out-climb the competition. Shoot your grappling hook to the roof and wall, pull yourself to safe places and pick up the strongest weapon(even a Black Hole generator)! Use the shield to deflect bullets to shut down the turrets and other players. Only one robot will be the last standing.

Shock-Overload is a 2D multiplayer competitive bullet hell that you can play with up to  4 friends with game controllers. It’s a fast paced and intense gameplay, in a dangerous vertical platforming environment full of bullets, explosions, lasers and rising lava. The game level is procedurally generated, so every game match is unique.

Jump into the game and challenge your friends now! See if you can be the one holding the Golden Orb in the last minute!

Yutao Liu (Lance): Lead Level Designer, Programmer
Kamen Marinov: Environment, UI Artist, Level Design
Nathan Hales: Systems Designer
Saud Alshammari: Sound Designer, Character Artist


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Install instructions

Set up instructions:

1. Download and Extract the executable and data folder from the Shock Overload 
2. Run ShockOverload.exe
2. Connect 1-4 Controllers/Gamepads depending on the number of players.
3. Use a mouse to select your choices on the Main Menu.